Our Commitment:
Our goal is to serve the Lord by helping provide a worshipful, prayerful, and peaceful place for our parishioners to celebrate the presence of our Lord during the Mass.

What We Do:
The Mass Co-ordinators assure a smooth, uninterrupted Mass by making sure all liturgical ministries, servers, etc., are in place prior to the beginning of the celebration. 

Mass Co-ordinators are responsible for checking in scheduled ministers for each Mass and finding replacements as needed for unexcused absences. These Co-ordinators also communicate any changes that the presiding Priest asks to be made to those serving that particular Mass. Mass Co-ordinators will look to replace any minister who has not arrived by 10 minutes before Mass.

Time and Training Required:
Mass Co-ordinators are expected to arrive 30 minutes prior to a Mass they regularly attend. During training you will have a mentor to shadow until you are comfortable to co-ordinate on your own.

Special Attributes:
Familiarity with volunteers in the various ministries and what position they can fill is important. 

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