Effective ministry requires INDIVIDUAL AND PERSONAL MOTIVATION AND COMMITMENT  to align with your state in life and life circumstances, as well as with your God-given gifts and talents and your motivation for responding to God in your unique way.

pdf Click here for the Personal Self-assessment worksheet (748 KB)
pdf Click here to print additional Personal Commitment cards (667 KB)
pdf Click here to view the Foundation slides (1.64 MB)

Effective ministry also requires CLEAR DEFINITION OF MINISTRY--those we serve, what we intend to do, who will help, and what resources are available to us.

pdf Click here to see the Leadership worksheet (726 KB)
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To ensure our ministries thrive and grow it is essential to INVITE, WELCOME, AND ENGAGE MEMBERS who have the spark, interest, and availability to contribute in the most effective ways.

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Once parishioners try out ministry and start to sense their fit, it is important that we genuinely extend ourselves to help new members stay on so they can continue to use their skills and be fed by the ministry. Likewise, it is important for us to care for our members and leaders so that ministry remains a safe place to nourish our spiritual fitness. 

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Click here to download additional Thank you cards or see your Pillar Board Representative for additional printed cards and envelopes.

For those interested in stepping up into a leadership role, we suggest planning for success by having potential new leaders walk side-by-side with existing leaders to learn from an experienced leader. Then when it is time for the new leader to take over, he/she can invite the previous leader or another to mentor, as needed. This allows for the new leader to exercise his/her individuality without missing critical steps that might derail the ministry.

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To assist us in conducting effective ministry we provide BEST PRACTICES, TOOLS, AND RESOURCES based on prior successes to help guide our ministries. 

Click each of the links below to download and save or to print resources. Check back to see new resource and please help us build new tools need for effective ministry by adding the ones that help your ministry.--Thank you.

Conducting a Ministry Meeting 

The following documents are examples that you may use or create your own. Note that some of the formats may be difficult to work in. If you simplify the format, before we have time to, please upload your simplified version for us all to use.--Thank you!

pdf Ministry Members Contact Information (169 KB)
pdf Pillar Board Contact Information (170 KB)
pdf Ministry Meeting Agenda (25 KB)
pdf Pillar Board Meeting Agenda (66 KB)

Collecting Ministry Meeting Minutes and Assigned Tasks
Collecting Pillar Board Meeting Minutes and Assigned Tasks

Planning an Event

The room request form contains several of the areas listed below. This will help you plan and communicate your event details.

Click here for the Room Request Form

  • Budgeting
  • Secure the Venue
  • Line up a Speaker or Entertainment
  • Audio/Visual Equipment Needs
  • Check for Scheduling Conflicts
  • Provide Food
  • Decorations
  • Invitations
  • Nursery
  • Security

Click here for the Nursery Reservation Form

Financial Resources --Check back here for tips or information related to the following:

Reimbursement for Expenses
Collecting Admission Funds
Accepting Donations
Paying the Speaker or the Entertainment
Click to see the following Forms:

pdf Cash Handling (169 KB)
spreadsheet Cash Handling Church (12 KB)
spreadsheet Cash Collection for St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School (12 KB)
pdf Reimbursement for Expenses (143 KB)

Communications Plan

Effective communications takes into account the audience for the message, the media used, the clear message you want to convey, the timing, and the requirements for publishing it to each media.

Click here for the Advertising Request Form

Ministerial Code of Conduct

One aspect of the mission for us at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church is “giving loving service to our neighbor and strengthening our parish community.” We do that in large part through the many ministries here that serve our parish family and the greater Edmond community.

Code of Conduct Introduction

Ministerial Code of Conduct