A Source of Strength
In A Changing World

We need the support and friendship of other Catholic men to respond boldly and courageously to the Holy Spirit’s call. We have been formed to serve, protect, and defend what God had entrusted to us as servant leaders of our homes, families, church and community. Meet us at The Great Hall on Thursday morning to see the Holy Spirit at work as we seek to be better men, husbands, fathers and friends. Our conversation fire starter is another in the excellent video series from Bishop Barron.

See you on Thursday!

The Men of St. John’s Core Team

When & Where

6:30 AM

The Great Hall
St. John's

Register at the door - you are always welcome!

Time & Training Required: 
1 hour a week, Thursday morning, loosely aligned to the school calendar-September through December and January through May.

Helpful Attributes:
Open to all men who are interested in growing in their faith and in better men, husbands, fathers, grandfathers and friends.

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