Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow!

Our Commitment:
The mission of the Zachary House is to assist a person(s) in the Edmond community with a safe, transitive living condition so  they may improve their lives with better financial and work skills. Self-sufficiency and independence can be achieved by those who have the potential with education and life skills to be productive, successful citizens within a faith community.

What We Do:                    
Provide temporary transitional housing with financial and life skills coaching that will enable families to live independently.

The ministry began in August 2001 in an effort to reach out to families in Edmond who were unable to find suitable living arrangements due to financial hardships.  The ministry is called Zachary House in honor of St. John's father, Zechariah.

Our ministry, a joint effort between St. John's and Catholic Charities, has enabled us to provide individual counseling on a limited basis, ongoing training in independent living skills, and accountability in decision making.  We also provide access to religious activities and assistance in finding helpful community resources.

Time & Training Required: 
The committee meets occasionally throughout the year.  Mentors spend approximately 3-4 hours per month working with the family.

Helpful Attributes:
Zachary House volunteers utilize a variety of skills, but an overall desire to assist individuals with temporary hardships is needed.


Lauri Gormley