Message from our Missionaries

Our missionaries give generously of their time, treasure, and talents as they prepare and travel to Peru. Most, if not all, tell us that they are changed in unexpected ways by their experience.

Click here to hear how two young adult lives were changed by the gentle souls they served in Peru.

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Check back for additional stories of ways our parishioners are touched and transformed
through their service to our brothers and sisters in Peru.


Missionary Teams


St. John has been sending mission groups to Santisimo Sacramento Church since 1999. Currently we send 4 or 5 mission teams annually; each with a different focus. Missionaries stay at the church in a dormitory environment. We have a teen youth group, an eye surgical team, a medical/surgical team, a dental team and a general Parish team of families and singles of all ages. Our five mission trips for 2017 are scheduled as follows:


Surgical Mission

We added a General Surgery component for the first time in 2010! This blessing is a direct result of the completion of our Outpatient Surgery Center/Clinic at the church. Since then our surgical teams typically perform 30-32 inguinal & umbilical hernia repairs each trip.


Youth Group

Our youth groups are composed of high school students, college peer ministers and adult chaperones. Teams are formed early


Eye Surgical Mission

The Eye Mission will be doing Cataract Surgeries the first week in our Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) & Clinic. The second week will include post-op follow-up exams and parish mission work. Contact Rhonda for more information.


Dental/Parish Mission

Our dental team will set up clinic in the ASC for the week. Over the years we have purchased enough equipment and dental tools to support 4-5 dentists and a dental hygienist. We can expand the team to include primary care if there is interest.


Medical/ Surgical/ Mental Health Mission and Parish Mission

Our medical teams usually include family practice, internal medicine and pediatric specialties along with pre-medical students, nurses, PAs, interpreters, and pharmacy helpers. We welcome other specialties as well and have had very successful rehab teams the last two trips. We gather each morning and travel in vans to different villages outside of the city and set up clinic in a chapel, school or the men’s prison. Our nurses also make home visits providing wound care and general assessments. We will be doing hernia surgeries again in July providing we have nursing help in the OR, Pre-op and Recovery areas.


Our mental health ministry will be in its fifth year. Our team includes a psychiatrist, a psychologist and counselors that work with the parish psychologist and social workers providing support and education. They have lectured to psychology residents at the local university, visited the men’s prison, met with family members of the Parish’s hospice center, worked with school counselors and held group sessions at the men’s residential drug rehabilitation facility.


Parish Teams and Non-Medical Participants

Family members and other non-medical team members are welcome to assist any of the medical/dental teams or be part of our construction & parish family teams. They generally work with Father Joe's regular workers and build 1-2 family houses, deliver food packages and household items, visit the homebound, the girl’s orphanage and the parish school during the mission week.


Interested in joining a Mission Trip to Peru?

 St. John has five trips scheduled for 2017 – one just for you and your family!

Watch the bulletin for separate organizational meeting dates for the Youth Mission team and the Eye Mission Team.

·                 January 20 – January 29 Surgical/Dental Mission
·                 May 26 - June 4 Youth Mission
·                 June 2 – June 12 Eye Mission
·                 June 23 – July 2 Parish and Dental Mission
·                 July 14 – 23 Medical/Surgical and Parish Mission

For more information, call Cheryl Pierce at 924-6232 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Ways to serve while in Peru

Here are some things you can do while you are in Peru:

 - Pray with daily prayer groups in the chapels, daily Eucharist with the people, weddings, baptisms, or at Eucharistic adoration

 - Build a home, a chapel, a school room

 - Deliver food packages, beds & blankets, clothing

 - Gather children for activities and crafts, families for a picnic

 - Heal while working with the parish health team, a medical, dental, or eye mission, provide hospice care, wellness education

 - Visit the elderly, the orphanage, your adopted family, the sick, families still unknown, a village at night, a farmer at work

 - Play at fiestas, traditional dances, soccer, volleyball

 - Teach English or other useful skills to the parish staff, local school children, the farmers

 - Help the parish lawyer or psychologist at the drug rehab program or women’s shelter

 - Invite youth to the movies, for ice cream or to Vacation Bible School.

 - Serve at the breakfast kitchens

 - Other projects yet to be discovered.