Standard size boxes are available in the Peru Mission Closet in the Commons at a cost of $1.00 per box. Whenever possible, it is preferred that you use the standard size boxes. This makes loading easier, provides better packing, and reduces the number of crushed boxes and packages received in Piura. Plastic storage containers available in various stores can be used to ship contents to Piura. These can then be used by your Peru family for storage. All shipping containers should be packed tight so that the container maintains it shape and does not crush under the weight of several boxes resting on it. A good test is to sit on your completed box. If it does not crush under your weight you are OK. Large items such as bicycles, small tables, etc. may be sent provided the family number is securely attached. Please refer to Identifying Box Cartons below.


One of the significant blessings that has evolved from the Peru Family 2 Family (F2F) ministry is the family to family relationships developed by correspondence via letters. If you have a desire to partake in this endeavor, it is quite easy. Simply write your letter in English and drop it off in the mail basket above the file cabinets in the Peru closet in the Commons. Please make sure your envelope displays the family name, address, their family number and your family number. St. John's personnel will see that your letter is mailed to your family.

Any letter your family writes to you will most likely be scanned at the Parish of Santisimo Sacramento and e-mailed to St. John's Parish. The letter will then be forwarded to you by St. John's Liaison personnel. If you need the letter translated from Spanish to English there are several volunteers to provide this service for a donation per letter which is donated directly to the Mission Fund.

Inventory List

Due to Peruvian government regulations, the following guidelines must be strictly adhered to when preparing your box for shipment.

  • No family name may appear on the outside or inside of the container.
  • No cards or letters are permitted in the container. Please place these in the mail basket in the Peru closet in the Commons.
  • Place the Parish ID and your family code on all four sides and top of the container as well as inside the container. Please use a black marker.
  • Parish ID = SJ
  • Family Code = your parish number (found on the corner of your weekly envelope) + Peru family code (i.e. 3476-110). Please check with Becky Coyle at (405) 340-9281 x3, if you forgot your code.
  • Fill out an Inventory List checking only the new or used category for the items you have included. Do not list the quantity of individual items. Securely attach the list to the exterior of the container.

The following list contains a few suggestions of items that you may want to consider shipping to your family in Peru. You are  not limited to this list. As you get to know your family, you may find other items that will benefit them.

Kitchen Items

  • Dishes, coffee mugs, soup bowls, serving bowls
  • Silverware, stirring spoons, paring knives, potato peeler
  • Dish towels, sponges, hot pads, mitts
  • Pots & pans (heavy duty, cast iron)
  • Plastic storage containers, cutting board
  • Cooler, water jugs (5 gallon)

Bathroom Toiletries

  • Bath towels, wash clothes
  • Soap & shampoo, hand cream
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste (with fluoride), floss, lip balm
  • Razors
  • Toilet paper
  • Perfume, cologne, lipstick, eye shadow, etc.
  • Vitamins (over the counter medicine with 6 months or more expiration date only)

Household Items

  • Sheets (twins), pillows & pillow cases, blankets, bedspread (light weight)
  • Small rugs (washable), mosquito netting, tarps
  • Candles,  hook rack, rope, scissors
  • Tables-small (folding, narrow), chairs (folding, plastic, etc.)
  • Shelving or storage bins, footlocker with lock & key
  • Picture frames (4x6 or smaller)
  • Canvas carrying bags, hand tools-hammer, screwdriver, etc.

Children's Items

  • Bicycles
  • School supplies, books (in Spanish), backpacks, water bottles
  • Stuffed animals, toys (no toy guns please), balls (soccer, baseball, etc.)

Religious Items

  • Crucifix
  • Rosaries
  • Statues & pictures
  • Bibles (in Spanish)
  • Prayer cards


  • All clothing - even winter sweaters & jackets (children's & adults' sizes under XXL)
  • Shoes, flip flops
  • Hats, baseball caps, work gloves
  • Sewing supplies, yarn, thread, fabric, trim, etc.
  • sunglasses, suntan lotion, umbrella (for shade)
  • Musical instruments