What do you do with 200+ Confirmation candidates?

Our program provides weekly meetings of small faith communities that gather here at St. John's to keep parish life in mind. We gather in large group for a half hour and then divide into small groups for the last hour. Each group consists of 2 adult facilitators and 1 Confirmed teen facilitator and approximately 12 candidates. Students begin their Confirmation journey their freshman year and complete the Sacrament of Confirmation in the spring of their sophomore year. Two dynamic retreats with nationally known Catholic presenters are held in the spring of each year!  We also offer a variety of high school activities, conferences, and mission trips in which all students are encouraged to participate.

We are:

  • Grounded in contemporary initiation theology
  • Rooted in the life of an evangelizing and catechizing community of believers
  • Focused on initiating young people into on-going faith development with the Church 


2017-2018 Confirmation Enrollment

St. John's is committed to collaborating with parents/guardians to form a new generation of Catholics who know and love Jesus Christ and live as his disciples in the community of the Catholic Church.  To that end, we hope to offer unified, developmental and engaging Faith Formation programs.  If you are interested in participating in these programs, please follow the steps below:

The steps to enroll in our 2017-2018 Confirmation Program are:

1.  Participants must be registered members of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church OR have the pdf Parish Participation (70 KB) completed by their Pastor.  If you need to register with our Parish, click here. If you are Non-Catholic and would like to participate, please contact our Youth Office.

2.  Complete the Online Faith Formation Enrollment Form HERE to reserve your spot in our program.

3.  After submitting your online enrollment, you will receive a confirmation email to complete the pdf Media Release Waiver 17-18 (343 KB) and pdf Consent Waiver 17-18 (167 KB) .  Please send these to our office as soon as possible.

4.  We will verify you are a registered member of St. John's OR that we have received your Parish Participation Form.  Upon verification, you will receive a link to pay your enrollment fees online, or we will gladly accept cash and check payments in our office. 

Enrollment Fees are:

1st Student = $55.00

Each Additional Student = $10.00

Any students in excess of 5 = Free

If you are experiencing serious financial difficulties and are unable to pay these fees, please contact us regarding available scholarship funds.

5.  If your child is participating in a Sacramental Preparation program (Penance & First Communion or Confirmation), a Baptismal Certificate must be on file in our office, even if your child was baptized at St. John's.  This certificate should be provided at the time of enrollment. If you are transferring from another Parish, please request sacramental information from your previous Church.

In order for your child to be officially enrolled in our program, the online Enrollment Form must be completed, the Media Release, Waiver Forms and Baptismal Certificate (if participating in a Sacramental Preparation program) must be submitted to the Youth Office and Fees must be paid in full prior to the beginning of classes. 

We appreciate your cooperation with this process and look forward to working with you in promoting the spiritual development of your child.