Our Commitment:
As an Advisory Board, the Property Board is responsible for providing the Pastor and the Parish Council with counsel and advice in regard to the Parish facilities maintenance condition and other property matters relating thereto.  When requested by the Pastor or Administrative Staff, the Property Board shall provide guidance and recommendations related to property maintenance management, grounds maintenance, and expansion projects.  Additionally the Property Board is responsible for the review and award recommendations of bids and proposals received. 

What We Do:                    
The members of the Property Board draw from their experience to make suggestions for repairs and improvements to the Parish facilities and properties.  This is done through regular inspections of the properties, setting up schedules for maintenance, and making recommendations on the purchase of materials, supplies, improvements, and changes to the Parish property.

Time & Training Required:
Attendance at board meetings and assistance with inspections and facility projects - typically 2-10 hours per month.

Helpful Attributes:
Those who have experience and knowledge in facilities management, building and engineering, interior design, project management, and architecture.

Contact Grayson Van Horn, Chair


  • Fr. Ray Ackerman
  • Fr. Alexander Kroll
  • Grayson Van Horn - Chair
  • Bill Kinser - Vice Chair
  • Tony Blatt
  • Craig Brudzinski
  • Annette DeDios
  • Chuck Foley
  • Nathan Howard
  • Emmet Osgood
  • Doug Perkins
  • Eric Starns
  • Alan Van Horn
  • Sean Willis
  • Fr. Alexander Kroll
  • Jim Baynes
  • Chuck Foley
  • Nathan Howard
  • Anne Keef
  • Mary Lou McInturff
  • John Meek
  • Robert Otey
  • Doug Perkins
  • Todd Regier
  • Kurt Stoner
  • Shawn Thompson
  • John Whetsel
  • Rockie Yardley
  • Jell Zelnicek